… knows how to work her realtor magic to negotiate…

ATTENTION: This is an honest buyer review. I can 100% say that Katyna helped us close on a house. Our closing was April 6th, 2018.

Oh wow Katyna is amazing!!! She is literally a beast realtor. She initially found us special housing for 2018 new homes, but I made too much money to qualify. However, we did some searching around. Whatever houses we wanted to look at, she was willing to go with us. No matter how far it was. We drove an hour and a half one way! Now that’s dedication. If she was ever unable to make an appointment, she would set us up with another realtor from her agency. We looked at multiple houses in one day with another realtor! Amazing!

Every house we looked at, Katyna kept it up front and honest. She’s been in the industry for awhile, and knows what flaws to look for. She informed us of things I wouldn’t even think to look for! For example, one seller kept his lights on 24/7, and Katyna said that may be because the seller wants others to think someone is home. Can someone say high crime? At another house, Katyna knew the selling realtor and told us that he’s known for quick fixes to sell and this can cause many potential problems later. Katyna informed us about surrounding houses, if the road is managed by the home owners or DOT, if it’s a high flood area, previous selling histories, if the prices are too high, etc.

And let me tell you about the house we bought! Katyna kept her eyes and ears open. We negotiated the price down by $10,000+, got ~$5,000 in closing fees and then money for small fixes on top of that! She knows how to work her realtor magic to negotiate and isn’t scared to do so. She knew the seller was ready to move ASAP, so negotiations were not a problem. We got an amazing deal on a 2010 2100SF home thanks to Katyna! And 3 acres of land on top of that!

If you’re doubting Katyna as a realtor or have been searching for the right realtor, then stop where you are! Katyna Bunn is definitely a good choice. Her 16+ years for experience definitely show in her skills. Stop doubting and let her help you. Be open to ideas and let her work her magic. She is here to work for you, and will help you get an amazing deal on a home.

— Z. Ziman